Good Computer Habits To Protect Your Financial Data

When it comes to using a personal computer to help manage your business and personal finances, one cannot escape the fear of someone getting into your computer and doing what they will with your files and saved login credentials.

Here are some good computer habits to help stop them from getting in:

  1. While working, close application windows  and browser tabs you are not using.

  2. Digitally save sensitive paper statements and documents and then shred them immediately.

  3. When leaving your desk, close all applications and logout of your computer.

  4. Apply computer operating system and antivirus software updates often.

  5. Restart and shut down your computer once per week or so. Keeping it off when not in use is the best, but sometimes not practical.

  6. Restart your internet router once a month or quarter.

  7. Clear browsing data and set your site settings to clear cookies and site data when you exit. See How-to Cast for a quick video on how to do this in Chrome.

  8. Keep your download folder, recycle bin and trash cleared out

  9. Check the Apps that automatically startup when you login and identify any unknown ones.

  10. Don’t click any links in emails where you don’t recognize the sender.

  11. Make sure you are using antivirus, anti malware, anti spyware and keep it up to date.

  12. Turn on two step verification for everything you can.

  13. When upgrading to a new computer, make sure to take the hard drive(s) out of the old one first and destroy it.

  14. Lastly, and one of your strongest weapons – Change passwords twice a year for all logins using at least three different ones at all time.

  15. Program/App acting funny? Stop immediately and close all programs and restart the computer. If “funny acting” continues, uninstall program/app, restart computer, reload program/app.


If you are not sure you can clear anything out or turn something off on your computer then please seek professional help.




(c) 2020 Simoncpa, PC

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