How to Submit Your Tax Info to Your Tax Return Preparer?

I think everyone can agree that the goal of the tax return preparation process is to do it as quick as possible and to pay the least amount in time, taxes and prep costs.

Usually, the best way to accomplish something is to have a good process with good tools. Here is a process with good tools I suggest for going through and organizing your tax info to get them done!

  1. Print and complete the tax organizer provided by your tax program/preparer. See below for an example of tax organizers.

  2. Look at your prior year tax support file and familiarize yourself with your prior year tax picture including:

    1. Making sure you have official tax documents (i.e. W2s, 1099s, 1098s) for the current year that you had in the prior year.

  3. Put the completed tax organizer and current year official tax documents in a folder and prepare your return or send off to your favorite tax preparer.

  4. Contact your other financial specialists to talk about:

    • Financial Planning Areas Such As:
      • Investment Planning
      • Retirement Planning
      • Social Security Planning
      • Spending Budgeting
      • Debt reorganizing/refinancing/consolidating
      • Tuition Payment Planning
    • Legal Matters Such As:
      • Wills.
      • Letters of Instructions
      • Power of Attorneys
      • Medical Directives
      • Gifts and Trusts
    • Insurance Coverage for:
      • Health and Dental
      • Home Owners
      • Renters
      • Flood
      • Investment Property
      • Fine Art and Fine Jewelry
      • Umbrella
      • Life
      • Disability
      • Long Term Care
      • Pet



This is general information and should not be relied upon to evaluate or prepare you tax return or financial issues. Instead, please use the above information as a resource to help you discuss your tax and financial picture with your tax preparer, financial adviser, trust and estate attorney and insurance adviser.



(c) 2020 Simoncpa, PC



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