Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

Brutally put, RMD’s is the IRS’s way of saying  you cannot keep retirement funds in your non-taxable accounts until death.

You must start taking the money back out, and be taxed on it, a certain number of years before you die. The rules have been around for quite some time, but some new rules have kicked off in 2020. Some of the changes are:

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How to Submit Your Tax Info to Your Tax Return Preparer?

I think everyone can agree that the goal of the tax return preparation process is to do it as quick as possible and to pay the least amount in time, taxes and prep costs.

Usually, the best way to accomplish something is to have a good process with good tools. Here is a process with good tools I suggest for going through and organizing your tax info to get them done!

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Good Computer Habits for Protecting Your Financial Data

When it comes to using a computer the biggest fear is someone getting into your computer and doing what they will with your files, cameras, microphones and saved login credentials.

Here are some good steps to help stop them from getting in:

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